Automatic corrugated pipe Cutting machine

Product Description

ZDQG-6600 is an automatic Spiral Corrugated Pipe Cutting Machine .

  • Unique cutting process allows for cutting exactly on the “peak” of the tubing, providing a clean cut completely around the tube.
  • For application requiring slit tubing, it features a post-process slitting unit
  • A precise infrared detection and a rotating cutting head with the perfect corrdination of a powerful pulling device.
  • Possible to create, wide or ultra thin can be processed by using different blade sets.
  • With PF-3A which keep the corrugated tube stable without shake,then insure the high precision for long length processing.

Technical Data

Model ZDQG-6600
Measurements W700mm × D550mm × H520mm
Weight 90 kg
Power supply AC 220 V
Corrugated tubing diameter 7-32 mm
Cutting position On the peak of the tubing
Max. programmable total length 9999.9 mm
Transport system Belt feed
Transport speed Up 50 m/min in 10 increments
Air pressure requirements 5 bar
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