Automatic computerised wire Cutting and Stripping machine

Product Description

  • automatic measurement of wire diameter
  • automatic opening and closing rollers
  • ZDBX Automatic cutting and stripping machine incorporates the most advanced technology.
  • fully computerized with LCD display and can store up to 248 informations.
  • new improved safety features ensure”zero” wastage.
  • the machine can stop operating automatically if it reaches the end of the coil wire.
  • CE Approved

Technical Data

Model ZDBX-10
Measurements W580mm × D530mm × H420mm
Power supply AC 220 V
Wire size 30 mm - 0,5 mm
Stripping length No.1: 0-9999 mm No.2: 0-99 mm
Cutting length 0,1-99999 mm
Cutting accuracy ± (0.2 + 0.002×L) mm
Wire type PVC, teflon, glass wire