Fully automatic crimping machine with seal function

Product Description

New design concept, processing by V type blade with programmable processing range. Belt type feeder without leaving any traces, which increasing the processing quality for long wire.

  • Can be equipped with third processing station, such as waterproof plug or riveting.
  • Advanced control software, to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency.
  • With pressure detection device which can monitor terminal pressure and wire core.
  • When motor is running, the closed loop servo system will detect the status and location, to ensure motor running with fast speed, low noise, good stability, high accuracy and small heat.
  • SMC gas circulation system, from the air filter to the oil, and to the exhaust emissions are with excellent treatment. This ensure the reliability of the equipment by gas, and provides lubricating oil cylinder to ensure smooth and life of the cylinder, and also guarantee the reasonable exhaust gas emission.

Technical Data

Model JQ-3
Measurements W1377 × D3500 × H1800mm (2000-4000mm with an additional automatic coiling machine)
Weight 1250 kg
Power supply AC 220 V
Pneumatic connection 5-6 bar
Air consumption 6,5 m³/h
Press capacity 2.0 t × 2 sets (low noise type)
Wire size AWG# 26-10 (0.31 mm² - 5 mm²)
Wire draw-in speed: 6 m/s
Cutting length 60-6500 mm
Cutting accuracy ± 0.2%L + 1.0 mm
Stripping length 0.1-15 mm
Detector Pressure down, crimp-missing, stripping error, wire presence, wire load, wire parameter error etc.