Twisting model Cutting and Stripping machine

Product Description

  • Cutting, stripping and twisting 5 wires in same time with single or both ends, semi, middle or full stripping.
  • With unique twisting function, you can select twist direction, adjust tightness by yourself.

Technical Data

Model ZDBX-10
Measurements W430mm × D360mm × H268mm
Weight 42 kg
Power supply AC220 V
Power consumption 300 W
Stripping length 0,1 ~ 30 mm
Cutting length 0.1--99999 mm
Cutting tolerances ± (0.2+0.002 × L) mm
Twisting length 3 ~ 18 mm (depends on the wire material)
Wire type PVC, teflon, glass wire
Wire size AWG# 18-28
Processing capacity L = 100mm, 135 pcs/min