Fully automatic terminal crimping machine (both ends)

Product Description

  • Fully automatic wire harness processing equipment for wire cutting, stripping and terminal crimping. It’s feeding system, cutting and stripping system, mechanical hand clamping and transmitting system, twisting system, terminal crimping system and screen touch operation display, all integration technology of light, machine, air, magnetic were unified by the computer control.
  • Advanced detector to detect the lack of the wire, wire overload, wire abnormal deviation, pressure drop, stripping and crimping missing and other abnormalities with alarms.

Technical Data

Model JQ-1
Measurements W1300mm × D1480mm × H1450mm
Weight 500 kg
Power supply AC220 V
Air pressure 0.5 MPa
Press capacity 19600 N (2.0 t) × 2 sets low noise type
Wire size AWG# 26-16
Processing capacity 0.85 sec/pcs (in case of min wire length)
Cutting length 30--9999 mm
Cutting accuracy L ≤ 100mm ± (0.5 + L × 0.002) L > 100mm±(1.0+L×0.002)
Stripping length No. 1: 1.0-10.0mm No. 2: 1.0-17.0mm
Cutting depth 2mm for 100steps (1step - 0.02mm)
Detector Pressure down, crimp-missing, strip error, wire presence, wire load, wire parameter error